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Facing The Othercide

  • Date
    [September 2014]
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    [Drum and Bass, Darkstep]
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    [Gancher & Ruin]
Facing The Othercide


Here for you finally unveiled the first revelation of Othercide.

Presenting you “Facing The Othercide”, Gancher and Ruin also answered to our mischievous interview, reported here following.

With their dark and heavy sounds, the Russian duo commemorates our birth, with this Limited Print Vinyl Record Edition.


Gancher and Ruin, the “evil twins” are opening the scene of Othercide Records with this intense first release. Is the first time you are responsible of an opening first release?

Hello! I think it’s a first time we do it!

You’re in the scene since quite some time now, with a portfolio of releases and collaborations that stands out of the crowd. You’ve partnered with the most reknown producers in the underground scene, and we’re sure you were following them even before start producing and becoming a reknown duo yourselves. Which was the most exciting collaboration you did so far?

We really like to work with The Panacea, Cooh and Ca2k. It’s always fun and every tune makes us dance!

Can you describe to us which was the raging instinct that made you become producers, and which was the feeling you had when you saw your name on a vynil record the first time?

I don’t know, maybe we just started because it was fun to make something ourselves. When you realize that the track you are hearing now is made by you and you can edit/remix/change some parts or sounds in it to make it better – that is the most actual moment which gave us power to become producers. Because with this feeling you understand that you are the creator and you represent your vision in the music.
Actually it was a surprise for our parents, for our friends. It is very nice to see your name on the vinyl.

I’m sure you are aware the genres of music you produce can be defined in the dark, hard side of edm. If they were considered more popular and commercial, kind of today MTV music let’s say, would you find the same excitement and passion in to producing? Would money change your vision?

Even if this kind of music was so mainstream we wouldn’t stop doing it. It’s all about ideas, your inspiration, emotions and feelings. All comes into the one song. It’s not about money. First of all the artist is making the ART and not the Money. But yeah, money is everywhere. We can’t live without it and, we can’t start produce or improve our sound without having them! You have to buy pc, equipment, vst’s etc. Then you earn some money from the royalties, fees etc. So unfortunately money is very close to this kind of art. But I’m not sure they would change my vision.

If, instead, this music was considered illegal, as much dangerous as a drug, would you keep producing it? would that change anything for you? even if you would risk your freedom for it?

That’s very hard to imagine! Then we would have an illegal empire GANCHERSBERG! And then we would be the only who knock! And every time by the decks we would say: SAY MY NAME! (Breaking bad style)

Not long ago, a Canadian metal band sued the United States of America, as supposely some members of the Marine Corp were torturing war prisoners listening to their tracks. if something like this happen to you, how would you respond to that?

I wouldn’t be in charge of stupid people. We produce music, not weapons. And if someone was listening to Beethovens moonlight sonata on the over99999 volume in his car and crashed somewhere because of this, the only who would be in charge of it – is the driver.
I would never force anyone to listen to our music if they don’t want to.

Thank you for sharing your vision on these topics. Ok, so what did you cook for us?

We have done a lot of different tracks, hardcore, dnb, hardcore dnb, a few remixes and a lot of collabs!

Give a message of truth to our Otherciders

Enjoy the music you love!

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