Neks started digging into the darkness 3 years ago, he was allready a die hard fan of the harder genres.
Since he seen one of his friend winning a contest (This Is Hardcore In Luxembourg), he became really attracted by djing, practising harder and harder in his cellar..
After 1 year of djing, he decided to be a part of the Nekrolog1k Hybrid Science Tour by hosting a party with Homeboy, Igneon System, Nekrolog1k Live in France.
After this he has been part of a PRSPCT Host party in Leuven w/ Trasher, Counterstrike, Sinister Souls, Existh… With the goal to close the party.. Goal reached !
Then, following the advices of Homeboy he mooved himself into production, dedicating most of his time behind his computer..
Trying different aspects of the harder genres (Breakcore, Crossbreed, Terror, Neurofunk, Trashstep..) everything which means : ruff, aggressive.. and dark !
Meanwhile in this period, him and his brother in arms Kataklyzm participated to Le Grand Méchant Beat contest, and reached the 2nd place after the voting pool step..
A little time after, they are called by the Party uniq crew which leads Le Grand Méchant Beat partys, to open the party while sharing the stage with Ophidian, Igneon System, C-Netik, AK-47 and R.E.M.Y..
2 Months after, this time, they won the Kinetik Takeover #2 contest with names like : Misanthrop, Prolix, Freqax, Jade, Air J, ..
They also win the contest of the Savage Tales in Slovakia w/ The Outside Agency, Current Value, The Sickest Squad, Freqax, Fragz just to name a few..
In term of production he is actually working on some solo tracks and collabs, you can find 2 of these in this set, by collabs it means, tracks with Brainpain, Freqax… And it’s not over !
Now Neks is busy on a massive project called Othercide, a brand new darkstep label which one will see the light in september of this year, for more informations about this obscur project, check the kink bellow..

Hell’s awaits..

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