Gancher & Ruin


Alexey & Dmitry Goncharenko, born 14.12.91 in Gatchina (near Saint-Petersburg, Russia), are 2 Drum&Bass / Hardcore producers and DJ’s that have made a mark on the scene recently. Their interest in electronic music emerged in late 2003, in 2007 they started to release their own productions. They name producers like technical itch, the panacea, evol intent, cooh, audio and dylan as their early inspirations but have found their own style combining frantic breakbeats with 4/4 kickdrums and complex arrangements into a hi-voltage musical assault . They have helped to establish the “crossbreed” sub genre to a wider audience.

The identical twins on-stage presence is unmatched in it’s energy, certainly one of the reasons for their success and has made them very popular amongst audiences in the whole of europe. At just 21 years of age and working in the music business since they turned 16 they already visited Estonia, Belarus, Austria, Belgium, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Netherlands and many other countries.

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