Since 2008 tracks by Brainpain have been released on different media such as vinyl, CD and mp3 by many record labels.
He was working with many well established DnB and Dubstep producers: Culprate, Balkansky aka Cooh, Zardonic, Sinister Souls, Switch Technique to name a few.
One of his tracks was remixed by the icon of dark DnB Technical Itch.
Brainpain was performing in Russia, Portugal, Slovakia, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Belgium , Austria, Hungary, Poland… at parties like Therapy Sessions, Blackout, UKF, Avant Art Festival, PRSPCT night, Asymmetry Festival, Savage Tales, Brave Festival, Face The Music and many, many more… alongside:
Current Value, Zardonic, The Sect, Black Sun Empire, Culprate, Bar9, DJ Fresh, The Upbeats, Audio, Panacea, Cooh, Dean Rodell, Calyx and Teebee, Dub Elements, Xilent, Bare Noiz, Ayah Marar, Future Signal, Eye-D, Gancher and Ruin, Thrasher, Switch Technique, Ruby My Dear, Sei2ure, Forbidden Society…
Brainpain is not the only project by Jakub Tobianski. He is also known as Yakoob and under this alias he is creating Experimental, IDM, Glitch and more. He is calling it “out of the box music”.

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