Katharsys began in 2001 when Hugo and Tom started producing their first drum and bass tracks, inspired by the dark grooves and demented beats of artists such as Tech Itch, Dylan, Kemal, Konflict, Photek and Ice Minus to name just a few.
Like the definition of their namesake ( “Catharsis” meaning “..any extreme change in emotion that results in renewal, restoration and revitalization”), the main focus of the duo is to transpose that primal instinct into Electronic Music.
Producing a wide array of styles, from darkstep to neurofunk to no holds barred, hard drum&bass, Katharsys have encompassed a multitude of renowned labels, such as Barcode, Obscene, Future Sickness and Guerilla, and have progressed over the last decade to become a staple on the dnb clubland circuit with their hard as balls yet dance floor accesible sets, delighting fans around Europe!

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